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Europe is NOW a global standard-setter in AI

The European Union (EU) has taken a significant step in regulating artificial intelligence (AI) with the proposed Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act. This groundbreaking legislation categorizes AI systems by risk and mandates various development and usage requirements. The Act primarily focuses on enhancing data quality, transparency, human oversight, and accountability, and addresses ethical issues and implementation challenges in several sectors including healthcare, education, finance, and energy.

M6 : Explorer of the Generative AI Ecosystem 
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Alix De Goldschmidt discusses the strategic use of AI in media at Groupe M6, from recommendation algorithms to practical integration. The podcast explores M6's user training, job audits, and integration of generative AI, highlighting challenges and opportunities in automating media processes. It also covers AI's role in content personalization on 6play and balancing innovation with user engagement risks. The episode concludes with a special AI-feat with Angèle and Pierre from Star'Ac.

AI at the heart of industrial enhancement of Music
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In this third episode, meet Nathalie Birocheau, CEO and co-founder of Ircam Amplify, a subsidiary of IRCAM, France's leading audio lab founded by Pierre Boulez in 1977. The episode dives into how they're redefining industrial value engines in response to AI and new technologies, mastering the full value of sound from creation to reception. They explore new frontiers like sound's impact on purchase intent and immersion, and collaborate with renowned artists, reflecting their commitment to innovation and the music industry.

AI as a Catalyst to Stimulate Artists' Creativity
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In this second episode, Michael Turbot from Sony CSL shares a pragmatic view on AI integration in the music industry, from creation to post-production. The episode covers the evolution since "Daddy’s Car" by Benoît Carré, discussing the rise of interactive algorithms in music and data manipulation. It delves into the music industry's progression from early recordings to recent advances in sound synthesis and audio processing. The episode also reveals how Sony CSL researchers use AI to enhance artist creativity, showcases Sony CSL's advanced tools for music recommendation, sound quality, and mixing/mastering, and discusses copyright regulation and emerging economic models in AI-assisted music creation.

AI as a Source of the Creative Process 
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Benoît Carré discusses his creative evolution from the Commodore 64 to co-composing with AI. He talks about transforming his methods, highlighted by 'Daddy’s Car' in 2016 and using Sony CSL's innovative tools. The episode delves into AI integration in music composition, revealing strategies for controlled creation of the unexpected. Carré shares unique experiences like learning the Brazilian cuica and replicating Pete Seeger’s vocal timbre with AI. The power of AI in harmonizing and blending sounds is explored, emphasizing the crucial collaboration between researchers and artists/musicians, with Carré advocating for early creator involvement in the research process. The discussion is a professional and visionary take on the synergy between music and technology.

Artificial Intelligence in the music industry
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This article explores the role of AI in the music industry, highlighting key perspectives from experts like Michael Turbot, Nathalie Birocheau, Aurélien Hérault and Clément Souchier. It delves into Sony CSL's work on AI in music composition and research, the innovative approaches of Ircam Amplify in sound experience and music tagging, and Bridge Audio's developments in music search and catalog enhancement. The discussion encompasses the ethical and legal challenges in AI, particularly in terms of data usage, copyright, and artist rights. It portrays AI as a creative companion in music, offering both opportunities and challenges in this evolving landscape.

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